Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A festival for the built environment

LONDON. The London Festival of Architecture (June 19 to July 4) is a gigantic event spanning time and space in this metropolis.
On a short visit I only had a chance to see fragments of this celebration of the built environment. This year’s festival, the fourth biennial event since 2004, looks forward towards 2012 when London hosts the Olympic Games as well as back at 50 years of architecture in the city.
The festival is also a showcase for the art of building in other cities and countries that have been invited to show their stuff during two weeks of events, exhibitions and activities. Over all there are over 300 events during the festival.
I liked the photo exhibition (above) of 50 Years of London Architecture 1960-2010 in the Mall Galleries (it ended June 27). Organised by the Architecture Club, the exhibition showed selected works illustrating a cross section of new architecture in London over the past five decades.

1966 Centre Point on New Oxford Street, one of the first tall buildings in London.

1986 The Lloyds Building, the City's most unusual office complex.

2007 New Wembley, the national stadium for England's disgraced footballers.